Electronic music straight from vinyl

Since the beginning of time, vinyl has been the most natural medium for DJs and electronic music fans. Singles, maxi-singles, bootlegs, EPs, and finally full-length albums – all these publishing forms are constantly appreciated by producers of broadly understood electronics. Artists are constantly striving for their work to be sent to analog media.

Digitization and the development of technology did not prevent vinyl from continually present in the world of electronic music. Independent and small labels centered around the genre regularly release new productions that supply DJ cases, as well as load the shelves of listeners, for which music still sounds best directly from the turntable. So vinyl goes techno, house, trance, drum and bass and their derivatives. We are aware of this also in WM Fono and we are always eager to cooperate with electronic creators. The most recent examples of such cooperation are even new pressings for Marek Biliński and Jacek Sienkiewicz, who are very important characters of the domestic electronic scene. In the near future, we plan to gradually expand this group, and an important step in these efforts will be the participation of WM Fono representatives at the Amsterdam Dance Event, which is the largest and most important event in the world of electronic music.

Below you will find examples of the few last pressings of electronic.


Marek Biliński – Ogród Króla Świtu / E=MC2 (Reedycje)


Vanligt Folk – Palle Bondo EP


Less J – Old Family Tapes EP


Marc Ash – Litanies for the self EP



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