New colour options at WM Fono

Analog records are no longer associated with the standard black disc. Splatters, marbles, bi-color and picture-discs are becoming more and more popular among record labels and producers, who want to deliver a more customized product. At WM Fono we re trying our best to materialize even the most challenging ideas. To widen our product range we have added a selection of new colour options to our catalogue.

Wide pallette of compound resins used for record pressing results in situation where the record labels are restricted by their imagination only. There are numerous projects in which the visual attributes of the release can complement the overall message and add bits of extra value. The regular black pressings are accompanied by limited editions pressed in different compounds and this tendency applies to both major and small publishers. In the end everybody wins.

Express your artistic, nonconformist self and we’ll take care of the production process.

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