Mela Koteluk at WM Fono

Mela Koteluk’s third album, entitled “Migawka” has just been released on the vinyl.  Until now it has been available only via streaming services and physically on a CD. Thanks to the joint efforts of the artist, Warner Music Poland and WM Fono, we can now add the vinyl edition to our collections. The artist was involved in the process of preparing the analog discs. She has not only signed the first 100 copies, but also she has pressed some records by herself. Unique, multi-colored splatters were created on the basis of naturel. 12 different splatter effect were chosen and pressed by the artist.

However, it’s not that easy to become their owner. These unique copies were not marked in any way and added to the batch of normal black records that are going to be sell during the concerts. The only thing you can do is to go on the concert, buy your vinyl and hope that you will be this lucky to get one of 12.

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