Colorful world of vinyl records

Black disc is a common synonym of vinyl record. From the beginning, vinyl has been associated with black colour, which was a component of its iconic role in the music industry. Technological progress and the growing needs to stand out with something original on the market have caused that vinyl records consisting of two, three or even several colors have recently become more and more common. The wide range of granulate colors available in the pressing process has also opened a new chapter in WM Fono.

Spectacular splatters. Amazing marbles. Color-in-color effects, or unusual two-color discs. All these solutions are more and more often used by labels and artists who want to provide the audience with something outstanding. At WM Fono, we certainly see the growing tendency to go beyond the “classic” black disc. How does this look like in production process? We have prepared a representative list of colorful vinyl records that we have recently prepared in our pressing plant below. Share and inspire!






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