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Later this autumn we’ll witness the release of “Jak malować ogień” which will be the 5th solo album of Natalia Przybysz. The material will be published by the Kayax label. The LP will also be a rare attempt at making the physical release as friendly to the environment as possible, therefore it will be labelled as ECO vinyl, and ECO CD correspondingly. What exactly does the ECO bit stand for?

“ECO vinyl” stands for reusable material removed from the disc at the trimming stage. The excess compound located at the outer rim of the disc is not subject to the final cooling process therefore does not lost all of its plastic properties. Discs produced with semi-processed “ECO” material do not show significant loss of signal to noise ratio, allowing decent, uniform performance across the disc. The labels also allow recycling. In case of an ECO release we use surplus labels left from the previous projects. These are applied upside down which results in a white label surface allowing the artist’s signature or the end user’s notes written down directly at the central area of the disc.

CD manufacturing process is another story. The materials used in CD production can be reused, but cannot be used again in CD production. To keep the CD version as “ECO” as possible we minimised the use of aluminium to the absolute minimum required. The CDs are also issued without any print in order to reduce the chemical waste.

The packaging of both CDs and LPs are made of Balance® (100% recycled) paper and does not contain plastic. Thanks to the material’s bright white colour it allows high contrast, legible printing. We do insist on using biodegradable materials whenever possible.


About the artist:

Natalia Przybysz is not only a highly regarded female voice, but also a composer and a songwriter. She and her sister Paulina debuted in 2001 under the Sistars moniker. After the sisters had split she focused on her solo career, or one might say “her own artistic way”. The first results were available on her “Kozmic Blues: Tribute to Janis Joplin” LP. Her sentiment for Joplin’s output pushed Przybysz towards blues, soul, jazz and funk.

In 2014 she released „Prąd” which includes „Miód” (later awarded as “the single of the year”) and „Nazywam Się Niebo” among other works. The album has gone  Platinum  and won the Fryderyk award for the best “rock album” of the year.  The next LP  called “Swiatło Nocne” was released in 2017 and it included “Dzieci Malarzy”, “świat Zewnętrzny” and “Przez Sen” accompanied by the title track. Later that year it won the Fryderyk award for “the best pop album of the year”.

„Jak Malowac Ogień” is the artist’s 5th solo album, and „Ciepły wiatr” will be the first of the singles promoting the LP. The material is considered to be a natural continuation of the sound palette and arrangements known from her previous releases. There will be bits of warm sounding blues, soul and jazz – in a word the publisher promises a lot of proper live instrumentation and smart lyrics

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