“Zalewski śpiewa Niemena” on the vinyl record – Musical Thursdays at WM Fono

Thursday Music Meetings at WMfono have started! We initiated a series of special events with the artists whose records were produced by our pressing plant. The first guest was Krzysztof Zalewski, Polish musician and composer who sang the works of the legend of the Polish music scene – Czesław Niemen.

The vinyl edition of his album “Zalewski śpiewa Niemena” has just been released.  The meeting with the artist was led by Piotr Metz, a radio journalist whose voice is well known to all listeners of the Polish Radio. Among the topics discussed, there were questions about the genesis of the project, the selection of the songs, as well as difficulties and emotions accompanying the performance.

One of the guests was Marek Gaszyński, the author of the lyrics for many polish artists including Czesław Niemen. During the evening we listened to an album on a perfect sound system provided by Denon Polska. After that we made a tour around pressing plant and showed the process of vinyl production.

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